Prepara Herb Savor

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Nothing makes your meals taste better than the freshest ingredients.  This is especially true when using fresh herbs for taste and also for garnishing.  Fresh herbs are like a delicacy; they’re not available at every supermarket, they are more costly than dried herbs, and some herbs are harder to find than others.  If you have ever bought or picked fresh herbs, you will understand how wasteful it is to have them spoil within just days of storage in the fridge.  It is surprising how fast a bunch of fresh herbs will spoil and smell like swamp.  I have tried storing them in the vegetable drawer, spaying them occasionally with water, wrapping them in moist paper towels, and keeping them in a small vase of water.  But they still wilt and spoil within one week of purchase.  I’ve noticed that sometimes the supermarkets have trouble keeping them fresh!

I came across the Prepara Herb Savor on one of my trips to a local warehouse for gourmet kitchen supplies.  It was the first time I’ve ever seen a herb saver, and I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Herb keeper  Herb saver

After all, I hate having good herbs turn brown and gross while waiting for another dish I can use them in.  In my experience, this herb keeper prolonged the life of fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks.  The herbs stayed fresh and moist.  I’ve used the herb saver and found great results with fresh thyme, rosemary, dill, sage, and mint.  And although some sources recommend storing fresh basil at room temperature, I have kept basil in the herb keeper and found that it lasted longer in the fridge.

The Prepara Herb Savor has a base with a removable plug on the spout, making it easy to fill with water and to empty.  It also has an internal stainless steel basket that keeps the herbs tidy and is removable to act as a strainer for washing the herbs.  The herb stems sit slightly submerged in the water of the water-well, keeping them fresh.

Prepara Herb savor  Herb keeper

The best thing is that it is slim enough for a refrigerator door while providing roomy herb storage capacity and showcasing the natural beauty of the herbs within.  Being able to water them, like any other plant, and keep them cool at the same time, is pretty useful.  This definitely increases the life of the herbs.

Herb saver


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