Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon

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I have a habit of preparing my fish in an Asian style cuisine.  This is because I’ve had many bad experiences ordering grilled fish at a Western restaurant only to find that it was too dry or tough.  On the other hand, many Asian dishes where fish is the main ingredient turn out to be a little on the oily side but at least they have that nice flaky texture of meat and they are tasty.  I’m always at a crossroads when I dine out at a seafood restaurant because I absolutely love fish but I’m afraid of the dry outcome that I found is common in Western restaurant style grilling.  I have had these disappointing experiences when ordering grilled fish even at the finest of restaurants.

Nevertheless, I’ve been trying lately to add more variety in the way I prepare fish at home.  I want to experience a Western style way of preparing fish but without the dryness.  I found that baking the fish infuses the flavors into the fish while retaining that desirable flaky texture.  Using this method, I can be creative in my flavorings and not limit myself to Asian seafood cuisines.  My grilled hazelnut crusted recipe turned out delicious and picturesque.

Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon

Grocery list

1 24-oz fresh salmon fillet
1 tbsp hazelnut oil
1/3 cup finely ground hazelnuts
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt

Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon   Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon

Rinse the salmon fillets and pat dry briefly with paper towels.  Cut the fillet crosswise into 4 pieces.  Brush the meat side of the fillets with 1 tbsp hazelnut oil.

On a plate, stir together ground hazelnuts, flour, and 1/2 tsp of salt.  Dip the oil-brushed sides of salmon in the nut mixture, coating well.

Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon

Position oven racks in the centre of the oven and preheat to 375oF.  Brush a large baking dish with vegetable oil, or use cooking spray.  A baking sheet lined with aluminum foil will also work.

Place fish, coated sides up, on the greased baking dish.  Cover and bake for 13 to 15 minutes or until fish begins to flake when tested with a fork.

Grilled hazelnut crusted salmon

How to skin the salmon (if desired):  Grasp the skin at the tail end of the fillet.  Insert the blade of a large sharp knife between the fish meat and the skin.  Keeping the blade between the fish meat and the skin at a slight downward angle, cut the fish away from the skin.


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