Throughout my journey, I’ve had friends, family, and blog viewers approach me with questions which I am always happy to answer.  So I thought I would compose a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any additional questions, please contact me.

What is your favorite food to make?

DESSERTS!  And within the category of desserts, I especially love baking cookies and cakes.  That’s why I have a separate category for them!  But then on second thought, I love to make any type of food in general.  Cooking is a great stress reliever for me and the more technically challenging something is to make, the more I find it fun and comforting.

How do you stay so fit and enjoy all this good food and the desserts?

I am usually so verbal about how much I love cooking that I always forget to mention that I also love to exercise.  I’ve had a membership at a local gym for about a decade now and when I first signed up, I went whenever I could on the evenings, weekends, and between classes.  As you may know, life always gets too busy for exercise, but when I got engaged I was suddenly more motivated to get more into shape.  I started myself on the Power 90 in-home exercise series and found that it did wonders for my endurance and body toning.  I was thirsting for more of a challenge, and committed to doing the P90X extreme workout for lean muscle development and a supercharged metabolism.

But my fitness journey didn’t end there.  I became bored with P90X and I heard about Beachbody Insanity, a challenging fitness program that will push you past your limits with plyometric drills and nonstop intervals of specialized training moves.  I felt I was ready for this maximum-intensity exercise, and I committed to this program from beginning to end (60 days).

Then I saw that the Beachbody company had released The Asylum, extreme intense sports training workouts towards athleticism.  I felt it was a natural progression for me to try this next level of exercise so I followed this program for 30 days and saw dramatic, measurable improvements in my athletic performance.

Why did you start a blog?

Honestly, I didn’t intend to start a food blog right from the beginning when I discovered my culinary skills.  Since I already had a reputation of loving to cook and hosting extravagant dinner parties, I started posting some of my food pictures.  My friends and family loved them, so I kept posting more and sending them the recipes whenever they asked.  Other people started encouraging me to start my own food blog where I could post my recipes.  I launched my blog in 2011 and soon after I was surprised and excited to see how many people my recipes have reached.

Do you take all your own photos?

Yes.  All of the photos on this blog are taken by me.  I have learned a lot about photography in general since I first started posting my food photos.  So some of the photos in my posts may be more amateur, but I included them anyway because this is my journey.  Besides, maybe someone will enjoy seeing the recipe anyway.

What camera and/or lenses do you use?

I have a Canon EOS 60D 18 megapixels digital SLR camera.  I usually shoot with a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens.

Would you like to review a product or host a giveaway on your blog?

If you have a product that is relevant to my readers or you think we would enjoy, please contact me.