Hello, greetings, and salutations!

Welcome to my food blog, where my motto is to eat and cook smart, enjoy your kitchen, and have fun with food!  My name is Grace and I am the chef, photographer, writer, and editor here at Graceful Cuisine.

It has been a dream of mine to create my own website and food blog as a means to share my recipes, rekindle your love for cooking, and/or light a spark at your dinner table.  Whether you are a newlywed cooking for two, a parent cooking to feed your family, or just cooking for yourself, I am very excited to accommodate your needs while sharing a little about myself personally and professionally.

Kindling my inner chef……

My first exposure to the art of cooking came from watching my mother and her elegance in the kitchen. I had the good fortune of having a caring mother who believed in fresh and natural ingredients, and I thought all dinner tables were decorated with beautiful home cooking.  Under her care, I seldom had exposure to instant food or fast food.

The serenity of my life had been peppered with some real challenges following the loss of my beloved mother.  In light of these challenges, I learned my way around the kitchen shortly after turning 10 as a means of survival.  Needless to say, my love for cooking did not yet start at this early age when cooking was simply a necessity.  Later into my adolescence, I turned to cooking as a means of escape and as an enjoyment to serve others in creative ways.  I’ve always been a self-taught chef, a visual learner putting together a delightful menu from what I had available to me.

My take-home message is that my wide ranging experiences combine to help me relate to people with various backgrounds and have taught me to empathize more and judge less.

Being a home chef and loving it……

During my university years, I started learning new recipes and began to experiment with entertaining guests.  I started hosting my own birthday parties and Christmas gatherings and provided wholesome meals for my friends.  It wasn’t until I realized my potential to create meals beyond the expectations of my guests that I really began to enjoy cooking.  Cooking became my way to relax, to be creative, and to unite people.  After completing university, I really began to get serious about challenging my culinary skills.  Cooking for my friends and hosting dinner parties are my greatest joys, and I quickly grew addicted to seeing my home guests truly enjoy my creations.  At first, I began posting photos of my food on Facebook and shared my recipes by email to those who requested it.  Several of my friends kept encouraging me to start a food blog to share my recipes.  One rainy day, I set up a food photography studio at home and started Graceful Cuisine.  I enjoy blogging and photography, though I must admit some of my earliest posts were quite amateurish!

Not just a chef……

Besides my kitchen addiction, I am also a doctor of neuroscience with a concentration in degenerative brain diseases and health care ethics for patients with brain trauma.  I have delivered talks on this material internationally in some of the most beautiful cities in the world such as Lisbon, Sydney, Berlin, Chicago, Edinburgh, and San Diego, just to name a few.  When I am not wearing my medical hat, I am an outspoken small business advocate in my city and a self-taught e-commerce entrepreneur.  Still I make time for jogging, hiking, racing and rally driving. I am a sports car enthusiast. My bucket list never seems to get shorter because there is always something new to add, and I am constantly daydreaming of where to go next in my international travels.

One day I may start a travel blog. But for now, thank you for following me on my journey thus far.